What is the protocol?

The protocol is a set of predefined rules or procedures to make a successful communication between the devices such as client machine, server machine and other intermediate devices which are over the network.

There are multiple protocols are available, In this article, we are going to…

Singleton design pattern is the most commonly used and easiest design pattern but we don’t have much awareness of this pattern also. I hope this article will help you and me too.

Singleton means one instance and a singleton class is a class that can have one and only one…

In this article, we are going to discuss Microservice Architecture over monolithic architecture. The understanding of these architectures helps to decide which architecture is suitable for you and your project.

As the first discussion, What is the monolithic application?

  • Monolithic applications have a single file for an entire application. It…

Effective Java chapter 04

Item 13 : Minimize the accessibility of classes and members

This chapter is for developing well design module with the fundamental concept but that is most important named Encapsulation.

The process of hiding the internal data and implementation details from other modules. It is known as Information hidings or Encapsulation.

why we must use Encapsulation as a fundamental design pattern?

Effective Java chapter 02

Item 1: Consider static factory methods instead of constructors.

What is the static factory method?

Just static method that is used to return an instance of the class named as a static factory method. Note that static factory methods are not the same as the factory design pattern.

Advantages of static factory methods over constructors?

  1. As static factory methods…

from Head First Java chapter 18

When you have to run your application with another JVM /machine/server, you have to connect them rather than connecting Socket or I/O.

It is about getting a remote object to run the method from another machine. This is Known as RMI (remoter method Invocate).

In other words, In order to…

from Head First Java chapter 17

This chapter is talking about deployment. How you are going to deliver the application to your customers.


In your project directory, you can create two separate directories for organizing your Source coed and class files separately as sources and classes respectively.

in order to save the classes files in…

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